Phuket, An Itinerary of What to Do for Five Days

April 6, 2020
The Vijitt Resort Phuket

Phuket in Thailand is one of the safest and most enjoyable islands to visit in Asia, and it is a must-visit location for those who love colorful cultures and beautiful sights. Home to passionate and hospitable people, Phuket offers leagues of fun, enjoyment, and relaxation – all at a highly affordable price.

One of the biggest difficulties in planning a trip to Phuket would be setting up a basic itinerary. For the best experience here, it is highly recommended that you stay for about five days.

In this article, we will share with you a quick-formed itinerary containing what you can do in Phuket for five days:

Day 1: Embrace the culture

Depending on your flight booking, you may arrive at almost any time in the day! This may eat up a large portion of your day, so once you’ve dropped your bags at your hotel, dive in and embrace the culture straight away. Walk around the immediate vicinity and experience the wealth of sights and smells that this colorful little island holds in stock.

The market may be one of the best ways to immerse with the crowd while a visit to the aquarium can be a relaxing change of pace from the bustle of the city. Visiting one of the Thai theatres to catch the Siam Niramit show is a must to begin your trip.

Day 2: Take a nature trip

The best way to ease your mind from the troubles of work is to go on a nature trip! Elephant trekking is one of the most unique experiences you can enjoy in Phuket, and the panoramic views you get from this is one-of-a-kind. Hiking is another active option for your second day, or go on a tour of all the temples around the island.

Once you’ve had your fill of the sights and wonders, kick back and enjoy the nightlife that the island has to offer, or just relax in your tub and feel the stress ebb away.

Day 3: Roam around the beach

One of the reasons Phuket is a tourist hotspot is the beaches that populate the island! If you’re sore from the nature trip the previous day, the beach can be the perfect refresher to energize your body. The summer sun and beautiful fine sand are a short drive from a majority of the accommodations, but Nai Harn beach is one of the best!

Take a relaxing walk, hit the beachside shops and restaurants, and get yourself a cool drink to beat the heat. If you prefer a more active approach, then numerous offerings of beach sports are available at almost any corner; don’t be afraid to ask away!

Day 4: Go island hopping

Don’t get tired of the sea just yet, because you’ll still want to go all out with an island hopping tour! Your Thai experience will not be complete without seeing the beauty of other islands. The Phi Phi islands are a widely popular choice to spend a whole day on, while others prefer tourist attractions like the James Bond Island.

There are also sea trips that can take you to Krabi, which is a fun experience if you have the time! If you’re not the type to go island hopping, then maybe diving or snorkeling may catch your attention. Simply approach a dive instructor at the various hubs around the beach and get your day started!

Day 5: Take it easy

On your last day, it’s best to get some rest from all the rigorous activities of the previous days. Whether you spent your nights partying away or merely sleeping, the last day often doesn’t have as much time as you would like. Maximize your time at the hotel, ask for a late check-out and explore its amenities. If you feel like that’s a waste, then go out to the streets for some last-minute souvenir shopping or mesmerize yourself by the beach while waiting for your flight.


Five days at Phuket may seem like a stretch, but given the number of activities you can enjoy, it’s well worth it. A good thing to do before leaving for your trip, however, is to research on other more popular sights and activities. While this itinerary can be a basic structure for planning, the specifics are all about what gives you the best experience.

When looking for accommodation during your stay, book with The Vijitt Resort! Various rooms and villas are available with only the most excellent cleanliness and service for you. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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