Our Guide to 3 Martial Arts Venues in Phuket

November 15, 2019
The Vijitt Resort Phuket

Often renowned as the martial arts capital of southeast Asia, Thailand has bred some of the most ferocious and world-renowned mixed martial artists (MMA) of the world. The culture of the country is rich with centuries of stories that encompass legendary battles between fighters of various disciplines.

Thailand in the martial arts world, in particular, is synonymous with Muay Thai, a striking discipline that mainly surrounds the use of the eight limbs of the body to inflict near-lethal strikes. Muay Thai has been credited as the quintessential striking martial art for MMA, giving fighters like Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, and Cowboy Cerrone an invaluable advantage.

Aside from Muay Thai, Thailand also plays a significant role as the stomping and developmental ground for other disciplines due to the hard work and determination that the Thai people possess. Multiple-time champion artists like Saenchai and Buwakaw Banchamek are only two out of the thousands of champions that have been trained rigorously in Thailand. But did you know that you can also train the same way they do?

Where to train and watch

Whether you’ve been looking to work on your striking as an amateur or professional martial artist or are just looking for something unique to experience, then training in Thailand is something you should try. Here are a few martial arts institutions in Phuket that you can both train and watch fights in:

1. Absolute MMA

Situated right in the heart of Phuket, Absolute MMA is recognized as one of the country’s foremost MMA training centers that have produced several international fighting stars. Thanks to its established nature, Absolute MMA has been able to provide a safe training environment for fighters of varying skill levels—effectively cutting out intimidation and the risk of “mat bullying” in the process.

One bonus that comes with Absolute MMA is that it also doubles as a tour or travel business, bringing visitors and fighters alike to trips around the area after a long day of training.

2. Patong Boxing Stadium

Home to Patong Beach’s greatest fighters, Patong Boxing Stadium is the largest event grounds in the area that is solely dedicated to hosting matches and various tournaments. Watching an event in Patong Boxing Stadium provides a whole new perspective on the term “Land of Smiles,” as life-changing victories and triumphs take place during every fight held in it.

Several special events, such as the “‘Suk Singpatong Sitnumnoi” wherein fighters test their skills every Saturday, take place in the Stadium, making it a must-visit for fight fanatics.

3. Bangla Boxing Stadium

With three hosted fights a week, Bangla Boxing Stadium is the place to be if you’re looking to watch more than one fight during your visit to Phuket. From 9 p.m. onwards, the island’s premier fighting arena and organization showcases several bouts between fighters of various skill levels, with each battle becoming even more exciting than the last. Bangla Boxing Stadium’s regular fighting events and tournaments are a wild ride from start to finish, ensuring that each visit that you make is going to be worth it.

If you’ve been looking to experience the very best of Thailand’s martial arts scene, then Phuket is the place to be. With organized fights taking place left and right, watching a few fighting events in the island will never cease to provide the experience of a lifetime!

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