A Beginner’s Guide to Sun Tanning How to Avoid Sunburns

March 24, 2020
The Vijitt Resort Phuket

Going to the beach is an experience that is always fun, no matter what you look for or who you are. Whether you love to swim or enjoy taking pictures, there’s no denying the fact that the beach hosts a wide range of activity options to choose from for everyone to enjoy.

As the number of beachgoers in Phuket continues to rise every year, however, getting tanned is one activity that grows even more common as more tourists set out to get a sunkissed look.

Tanning explained

Tanning, in its entirety, is a straightforward activity: you head over to the beach, set your mat, and let the sun work with the melanin in your skin to create a nice brown finish to envy all your friends and family.
Although it’s an activity that’s as easy as can be, however, getting tanned doesn’t always result in the bronze, caramel, or chocolate finish that everyone wants. In fact, some people end up with bright, red skin instead.

If you’ve got an upcoming trip to Phuket and are looking to come back home sporting an amazing bronze look, here are a few tips on how to make the best of your tanning experience, courtesy of your friends at The Vijitt Resort:

Getting a suntan vs. a sunburn: what’s the difference?

Ensuring that you end up with a desirable brown finish is an endeavor that entails knowing the key differences between getting a suntan and getting sunburnt. Should you find yourself with the overwhelming desire to fulfill your fantasies of achieving a sunkissed look that matches your features, let’s go over the idea of getting suntanned and sunburnt, respectively:


Suntans, in a nutshell, are a type of effect caused by adequate sun exposure that occurs when the melanin pigment that is produced by your skin reacts with ultraviolet radiation. In an effort to protect your skin cells from excessive levels of UV radiation exposure, the melanin itself absorbs the radiation, resulting in a darker skin tone.


Sunburns, on the other hand, occur as a direct result of inadequate absorption. When the skin is not able to produce enough melanin to take on the amount of UV rays that your skin is exposed to, it results in the notorious sensation of redness and pain.

Effective sun tanning made easy

The rule of effective sun tanning is to go low and slow. This means that you should control the amount of UV light exposure your skin is getting to avoid the red look and end up with a smooth and well-coated tanned finish instead.

For instance, sunbathing on Phuket’s shores for even a few hours a day is effective for slowly increasing the overall UV ray exposure your skin absorbs without getting sunburnt. In addition to that, however, it’s also recommended that you pair your sun tanning activities with various skincare products, such as sunscreen and the right clothing.


Getting the right finish with your sun tanning experience is all about dialing in the right factors so that your skin can benefit best from the controlled amount of UV exposure. With the help of the right sunscreen, proper clothing, and the right place to start sun tanning in, you’ll end up having the best-looking skin in no time!

If you’re looking to enjoy the most desirable sun tanning experience possible in one of the world’s most amazing beach experiences, enjoy Phuket in the best way possible by booking your stay at The Vijitt Resort Phuket today! We’re a beach resort in Phuket, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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