5 Reasons Why Phuket Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

November 8, 2019
The Vijitt Resort Phuket

If you’re planning a trip to a tropical country, you should seriously consider Phuket. Not only is it a well-known tourist destination, but there are just so many things offered there that’ll truly make your vacation enjoyable. From lazing down at the beaches to partying the night away, Phuket is a place that will be worth your visit at least once in your lifetime.

If you need more reasons to visit the beautiful island of Phuket, here are five that’ll convince you to do so:

1. The beautiful Phuket town
When you first arrive at Phuket, you will be astonished at how developed the area is for tourism. Before all these major developments, however, Phuket served as a trading route between China and India. It is on this island that a myriad of goods is exchanged for rubber and tin. This allowed the people of the island to grow wealthy, and you would notice this because of all the mansions that dot the area. With that in mind, take a stroll down Phuket town as there’s plenty to explore!

2. The stunning Chalong temple
Of all the temples found in Phuket, Wat Chalong is the most notable one. The temple boasts thousands of visitors each year. This temple is so popular because it once served as a place where victims of the tin miners’ rebellion of 1876 came to be tended by two monks. Today, you can see the statue of the monks inside the temple. Along with its rich history, the temple itself is an architectural marvel, with beautiful spires and a roof covered with deep red and bright gold, not to mention the beautiful pagoda towering 60 meters into the sky.

3. The wonderful Phi Phi boat trips
For some people, the only reason to visit Phuket is for the boat trips that take them to the Phi Phi Islands. The Phi Phi Island is truly a paradise, boasting sparkling white sands, crystal blue oceans, tall cliffs, and stunning rock formations. Among the many islands here, the most popular one is Phi Phi Ley for its beautiful Maya Bay. If you’re an avid snorkeler or just want to do a bit of island hopping, this is the place to go.

4. The marvelous waterfalls
Although Phuket is known for its stunning beaches, the waterfalls here are as remarkable. Throughout Phuket, there are many waterfalls, such as Bang Pae, Ton Sai, and Kathu, being the most famous ones. Along with being able to swim in its cool waters, the waterfalls are located in tropical forests. Head over to these waterfalls if you have been longing to be at one with nature.

5. The captivating Phang Nga Bay
Lastly, Phang Nga Bay is one of the major reasons for you to visit Phuket. Here, you’ll get to see James Bond Island, a tall rock formation that will leave you wondering how it hasn’t toppled over yet. You can also visit Koh Panyee, a fisherman’s village, where you can watch the locals as they do their daily routines. If you’re a nature lover, then a visit to the Phang Nga Bay Marine National Park will bring you closer to the area’s many species of animals and plants.

We promise you that Phuket has far more to offer than what we can fit here in this article. We guarantee that once you visit the magnificent island of Phuket, you’ll be planning a return the day you arrive back home.

If you’re looking to have a vacation in Phuket, get in touch with us today to book your stay.

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