5 Important Considerations for a Beach Wedding in Phuket

November 8, 2019
The Vijitt Resort Phuket

The mere thought of a beach wedding can make you blush because it’s a fantasy turned into reality. You can’t help but imagine the scenario wherein you are exchanging your wedding vows as the sun sets over the horizon. If you can’t contain your excitement, reality will bite once you realize the scarcity of time in finalizing the details.

Weddings can be stressful, but we’re here to help you out. Here is a quick guide on the questions you should be asking yourself when planning a Phuket beach wedding:

1. What’s the weather report?

If you’re getting married on the beach, keep in mind that you may need to drop everything else if gloomy weather prevails during your target date. If a drizzle can cause chaos to the ceremony, imagine what more damage can be done by strong winds! The calm and cold weather during December and January are ideal months for conducting a Phuket beach wedding. Meanwhile, the hours between low and high tide are the perfect time for the ceremony.

2. Will the ceremony be public or private?

Nothing can ruin your special day than random spectators in swimming trunks. Worst, these strangers may unwittingly become photobombers as they flee the scene. Privacy is not guaranteed during beach weddings in Phuket because the shore is open to the public. Conducting the ceremony at a more secluded beach will give the feeling of exclusivity because there won’t be as big a crowd.

3. How can we legalize the marriage?

You can’t just set up shop and conduct the wedding at a Phuket beach without a permit to use the land for the private event. Fortunately, Phuket beach wedding organizers include the processing of this document in their package. The concern doesn’t stop there, though, because the wedding certificate for a Thai beach wedding is difficult to attain. The process of procuring one involves meeting local officials who can end up delaying the release. That’s why beach weddings are often ceremonial, while the signing of formal wedding documents is completed when the couple returns home.

4. Will we be having Thai or Western-style wedding?

Choosing the former won’t force you to become a Buddhist afterwards. What you’ll get instead is a Thai-inspired ceremony featuring monk blessings and local design patterns. At the same time, the Western-style wedding involves searching for a priest or an ordained minister who resides in Phuket.

5. Do we need a local wedding planner?

Coordinating a beach wedding overseas can become an ordeal. Save yourself the stress by getting a dependable local planner who has organized many Phuket beach weddings. They can get you the best wedding packages from resorts which often includes catering and accommodation. The planner is also responsible for negotiating deals with wedding attire providers and professional photo services.

An extraordinary place for your special day

Vijitt Resort is the perfect wedding retreat for this once in a lifetime moment. As you prepare for the big day, the resort’s personnel will take care of every detail from the flowers and candles to the reception on the lawn. They will respect your choice of ceremony and coordinate with local authorities regarding the Thai Legal Marriage Registration.

Spend your honeymoon at Vijitt Resort to experience more of their five-star service and exquisite cuisine. The resort will also arrange travel packages around Phuket for your convenience. Visit the Vijitt Resort Phuket website now to download their brochure for Thai and Western wedding packages as well as Bride and Groom Spa deals.

If you’re looking for a beachfront wedding venue in Phuket, get in touch with The Vijitt Resort to see how we can help!

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